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People interested in a timeshare rental typical rent Marriott Timeshare for all of the benefits a timeshare offers. A timeshare, which entails a form of shared ownership of a property, generally includes a condominium or vacation home. This means that people can use it for a specific time during the year. However, renting a timeshare takes most of the hassle of ownership. A renter does not have to worry about the decisions and costs that come with owning a timeshare. So whether you’re seriously considering buying a timeshare, or if you want to rent a Marriott Timeshare, there are some important aspects to include in the decision.

Cheaper than Staying in a Hotel

Granted, staying at a hotel while on vacation has many luxuries. For instance, there may be free cable or Wifi and someone to clean after the family during the vacation. However, there’s the additional hassle of trying to find the right hotel without paying an enormous price and hoping the correct decision was made. Choose the wrong hotel based on the amazing pictures and list of amenities and it can turn the expected great vacation into a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.
Of course, people can forego renting a hotel and instead rent a vacation house. It offers nice amenities with the feel of living at home. Unfortunately, when renting a vacation house, renters are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance. Thus, renters have to take out the trash during their vacation say and clean the house. In fact, if anything happens such as plumbing problems, there renters maybe on their own without– especially when there’s no on-sight manager. Renting a timeshare, however, doesn’t compare to a hotel or vacation house stay. In fact, it can be cheaper than a hotel stay because renters receive more for their money.

Larger Living Space

Renting a timeshare is better than staying in a hotel because renters aren’t limited to one, long space efficiency-style place. For instance, some hotels rooms have kitchenettes while others don’t provide a place to prepare food. So people living at a hotel can just have the standard– one room with one bed and one bathroom. With a timeshare, renters receive places with large living space such as a living room that separate from the bedrooms– unlike hotels. Thus, renters stay in a timeshare with one to three bedrooms, a living room, full kitchen, dining room and up to three bathrooms. Renting a timeshare does have something in common– it can include maid service and on-sight manager just in case anything goes wrong.

More Amenities and Activities

In addition to renting living space, a timeshare can offer more amenities such as a large swimming pool, children’s playground and concierge services. Also, a timeshare resort usually has plenty of activities for families– unlike hotels that just provide a list of things to do in the city. People, for example, can play miniature golf, bowling and arts and crafts. When anyone decides to rent a timeshare, they receive more than just one room cut into tiny sections. Instead, they receive a living space with plenty of room, amenities and activities at a cheaper price than a hotel room.

Owners often prefer to rent out their timeshare for the following reasons:

Additional Income

Many timeshare owners invest in the rental property because they want a place to stay while on vacation. However, what about the times those owners can’t go on vacation because of finances, family illness or other emergency? The timeshare sits vacant for the particular week or two weeks.

Owners who know or anticipate not enjoying their timeshare during their specific week don’t have to waste their money. Owning a timeshare is a commitment with revenue generating potential. Regardless of the time of year, travelers are always looking for a place to stay while on businesses or vacation. For those not interested in staying in hotels, often choose to stay at a timeshare. An owner of a timeshare, therefore, can choose to make money on a timeshare by renting it.

Create Interest for Potential Timeshare Buyers

Another benefit of renting the timeshare is to generate potential sales. Although most timeshare owners aren’t thinking about selling, it doesn’t hurt to have a potential list of buyers. Renting the property during their specific week or two provides two advantages. First, people interested in purchasing the timeshare usually want it for the week owners already have. Second, owners can build a business relationship for people who rent before buying. For instance, an owner who places the timeshare on the market may encounter potential “scammers” who want to con them out of the property. With renting, however, there’s an established relationship and owners may feel more comfortable selling to someone they know verses a stranger.

Pay for the Upkeep

As many timeshare owners are well familiar with owning the property is just like owning a house or an apartment. Along with the great benefits, there are also the maintenance fees and taxes associated with owning a timeshare. Yet, timeshare owners renting their timeshares have a distinct advantage over others who don’t. Paying for things like maintenances and taxes can come out of the rental payment. For instance, an owner renting his timeshare can factor in either all or a portion of the fees in the rental price. When he finds a renter and receives the payment, he can pay of the taxes and maintenance fees and keep the rest of the money.

Whether individuals already own or are thinking about renting a timeshare, it’s often good investment. Timeshare owners can generate income, pay additional expenses associated with timeshares and create a list of potential buyers. People interested in renting timeshares can make a good investment too. The timeshares are often cheaper than staying at a vacation house or in a one room hotel. In fact, timeshares often provide additional amenities and larger living spaces.

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